One day I met Hefei

If you can meet you in Hefei, we must go together to climb the trees surrounded by the big Shushan, how to climb will not be tired to let you back; if you can meet you in Hefei, we must go to a pedestrian street shopping, Side shopping side snacks … Hefei, this city you love?


Hefei eight suitable for running fitness place recommended

Hefei where suitable for running, do you want to know? Central Chaohu, Dashushan, Emerald Lake, Sangang … … these places not only good environment, excellent scenery, it is also close to the side!


Anhui nine ancient rhyme still exist in the street

Anhui old place always do not have some flavor. Can you know that there are many features of the street? Some of these streets, there are thousands of years of history. Wooden shop, historical humanities, ancient rhyme still exist. Shuitong Street, Wan An Street, Bozhou Street, Kongcheng Street … … tour Anhui, the nine old street, please do not miss.


Gradually faded Zongyang Zhou Tan Street

Anhui Tongling Zongyang Zhoutan Street was formed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, when the Republic of China, on the streets and the streets, there are handicrafts, supply and marketing cooperatives, cultural centers and other facade, was the town of Zhou Tan economic activity center.


memory of the town, the back of the mountain water, the river meandering over, the stream is clear and transparent, the street of the wooden shop, a thick country of the wind from the nose.


Now the town has completely changed the way, the street completely different, was built in the Qing Emperor Kangxi forty to fifty years ago has 300 years of history, “octagonal pavilion” floating, some ancient residential buildings is devastated, people sigh And sad. (Graphic / @ left cold Zen master)

Lu’an this road is said to be the most beautiful road in East China

Ma Zhai Ling scenic area of ​​Jinzhai, the location is very advantageous, she south Tiantangzhai national forest park, north of the Millennium Buddhist holy mountain temple, east “Jinjiao Phoenix, gold lion worship jade,” said the “small Huangshan “West west of the famous Xizhuang hot springs, radius of 48 km, is the Dabie Mountains north of a very rich and unique natural palace.


She is like a charming natural picture, slowly stretch in the depths of the Dabie Mountains, where the peaks everywhere, stretches constantly, towering trees, flowers and lush, valley vertical and horizontal, Longtan waterfalls, streams gurgling, clouds filled, , Like a fairyland.


We walked along the small scenic area, not long before they saw a waterfall vertical discharge. Smashing in the rocky rock prominent, nectar flying off, chiffon crushed, spilled water spray to form a large spray, like a mass of milky white smoke thin cloud.


Waterfall around the trees dense lush, even into a large, far from looking, like a large group of condensed at the foot of the mountain at the foot of the strong green clouds, do not go immortal.


The distance of the stream is only quietly flowing in that, issued gently whisper, the water like sesame oil in general, plays a beautiful water crepe.


continue to advance, came to a string of strides across the stream of stone steps, Qinglie stream trickle, tinkling pound, because of the song, like Songtao, like a harp, clank painted Xu sound, ring between the mountains. And the sinking of the stream as a silver-white snake, in the stone between the meandering.


where the waterfall in different shapes, and some like a curtain, and some resembles a huge white cloth, from the cliffs on the treetops, Zhixie to the lake. I walk in the forest, misty wind around, cicadas like floating in the air. Trees stood quietly under the blue sky, open arms, greeted the sun. The sun is like a strand of golden sand, through the overlapping layers of foliage obliquely down, plagiarized sprinkled in the moss on the forest. There are not many tourists here, leisurely walk is one of the very good choice. Wonderful time seems to be particularly fast, soon, sunset shines, fog steep rise, is the time to go back.


go back on the road, take the Martin Highway, its starting point is located in Ma Mazing Nature Reserve and Dingbu Street between the twists and turns of the road sections, mountains and valleys of the mountains, panoramic view, all praise , This is the biggest surprise in the journey of harvest.


This road is like the endless color of ink, the mountains decorated very beautiful! Drive down the mountain road, you will have the feeling of refreshing.


mountain Tao, forest wind bursts, along the way the ever-changing landscape, like a person’s mood in general, a cloud filled in front of you, a rain will blow your cheeks, Over the clouds, direct access to the valley, a blue sky, only the roadside branches of the birds in the singing.


At this point, I also want to be a bird, in such a world, in such a vast country and the clouds and clouds flying. I think, when the day suddenly, the form of life is no longer important, as long as the life, you can equally feel, feel this nature to your gift.


slowly along the steep mountain road, the road is sometimes on both sides of the cliffs, but the road is wide, that will not feel dangerous. If you think it is not enough to appreciate in the car, the roadside has a lot of parking spots, you can stop watching slowly.


Walking in the meandering mountains on the road, breathe the faint fragrance of fresh air, watch the green fragrant trees and wild flowers, listen to this forest between the birds singing, is also a supreme enjoyment.


climbed the top of the mountain, the magnificent scenery to enjoy the front, overlooking the foot of the next, white clouds, looking around the peaks, clouds filled, one by one out of the clouds, like a blossoming water hibiscus.


standing on the side of the Martin road, I saw that the mountains of the Saga, green mountains and shade trees and blue vast sky, misty misty clouds just constitute a beautiful and colorful ink painting.


Change the angle of view, the shape of the road becomes interesting, this is the human to the nature of the most beautiful watercolor embellishment. This race than the road of Martin Road, to add a different color to the Golden Village. To Jinzhai, you must go Martin Road!


“Martin Road” main line: Lu’an County, Anhui Province, Ding Town Street – Ma Manling Scenic Area – Flower Township Qianping Village – ancient town of Ping Ping Village – ancient town of Song Village.

【Recommended line】 to explore the ancient city of Lijiang historical and cultural journey

This is a period of time shuttle journey, take you to experience the different periods of Lijiang history and culture.


Line: Bailong Cultural Square → Ancient Town of Lijiang History and Culture Exhibition Hall → Guangbi Lane → Three Wells → Wood House → Renhe Changxang → Xinyuan Lane → Present Lane → Quartet Street → Kogang Square → Day Rain Wenchang Palace Garden → → → WANG Pi Dongba culture shock memorial wall large tankers → → → small Sinuiju Street Square Street (sold pasture) Dashiqiao → → → Wuyi Street houses the Museum of Naxi Hengyu public → → Fang Guoyu house Christian Church, hand Road Lijiang → Snow Mountain College → Grand Research Center finished small → from the east exit of the ancient city


Recommended reason: This is a time shuttle journey. From the White Dragon Plaza, first to the historical and cultural exhibition hall overview of the ancient city of history. And then into the theme, all the way to experience the woods situation, Tea Horse Road culture, Dongba culture, imperial culture, red culture, and then to the former residence of Fang Guo Yu understanding of modern Chinese Naxi scholars to save and inherit the contribution of national culture, and finally to the Snow Mountain College And Naxi scholars to explore the ancient city of change, the essence of Naxi culture. This trip is like a time shuttle, in a short period of time with us to appreciate the vicissitudes of the ancient city of Lijiang changes. From the macro perspective to witness the Naxi children are how to use wisdom and courage in the torrent of historical reform, in the era of change in the situation, to maintain independence to self-reliance, like an epic, suddenly aftertaste, it is sad.


Source: “Lijiang ancient city tour” public number

[Line recommended] Lijiang ancient city patriotism education trip

every destination, are a cleansing mind education.


Line: Waterwheel → East Street → Bar Street → Wang Pizhen Memorial Hall → Wenchang Palace → Tianyu Shangyuan Inn → Cotang Square → Quartet Street → Present Lane → Sangjia Courtyard → Wood House → Cross Street → From Guangyi Street Loyalty alley out of the ancient city


Recommended reason: April 1936, by He Long, Xiao Ke, Guan Xiang should, Ren Bishi, Wang Zhen led the red two or six corps, in order to achieve the great strategy of fighting northward, in Shigu, Datong, Xinhua, Ju A smooth line crossing the river, in Lijiang’s revolutionary history wrote a glorious page. This line is a patriotic education line. Trip from the big water boat out of the Lion Rock in the Wenchang Palace after the ancient city, and then to the red twenty-six army Lijiang headquarters revolutionary site remember martyrs, inspire descendants, and then to the mulberry compound to listen to Mr. Sang Lao Naxi children and revolutionary martyrs Of the fish and water friendship. The route is short, but the theme is clear, through the great success of the revolutionary martyrs, can further enhance the patriotism of the patriotism, sense of responsibility and historical mission.


Source: “Lijiang ancient city tour” public number

Tour the big Huangshan these eight fine lines recommend you

to Huangshan, spring can be outing flowers, summer can be hydrophilic summer, autumn can shoot sun and autumn, winter can enjoy snow springs, this is simply a paradise for travel lovers ah!


1, World Heritage Classic Tour


Line: Huangshan Scenic Area – Xidi – Hongcun – Tangyue Archway Group · Baojia Garden


2, “two mountains and one lake” prayer trip


Line: Hefei – Jiuhua Mountain – Taiping Lake – Huangshan Scenic Area – Huangshan Hot Springs – Emerald Valley – Tunxi Old Street – Huashan Puzzle – Xin’an River Waterfront Scenic Area


3, the name of the city name Lake Mountain Range Rover


Line: Huangshan Scenic Area – Emerald Valley – Taiping Lake – Hongcun – see “Aju” show


4, the ancient Huizhou culture dream trip


Line: Tunxi Old Street – Ancient Huizhou Cultural Tourism Zone (located in the Hom – submerged residential – Tang mold – Tangyue arch group Bao Garden – Huizhou ancient city)


5, Great Hornsey Photography Happy Journey


Line: Huangshan Scenic Area – Wooden Bamboo Sea – Ta Chuan – Hongcun – Lu Village – Ke Village – Shitan – Slope Hill – Yang – Xin’an River Landscape Gallery


6, beautiful rural ecological experience trip


Line: Taiping Lake – Furong Valley – Emerald Valley – Wooden Bamboo Sea – Nanping – Lu Village – Ping Shan – Lixi – Guniu down


7, Huizhou culture study tour


line: the Hom – Tang – Huizhou City – Xiongcun – Tunxi Street – Qi Yunshan – scholar culture museum – Xidi


8, dream round Huizhou leisure health trip


Line: Taiping Lake – East Huangshan Resort – Qi Yunshan – Qixi Lake Azusa Temple – Hongcun – Nanping – Liyang Lane Lane – Spa

Henan Yuntaishan encounter beautiful sea of ​​wonders, amazing crowd!


located in Henan Jiaozuo Yuntaishan, long heard its name, also saw other friends shot photos, but when really immersive, or was shocked to the original Henan will have such a beautiful place. The world’s geological park, state-level scenic spots, has a rich geological relics, scenic peaks and valleys staggered, waterfalls, Creek countless, most praise is the highest peak in the area Zhuyu peak, accident met the magnificent sea of ​​clouds, like the world Fairyland; also by the red rock cliffs formed Hongshixia scenic area, moving the scenery, it is indulge in pleasures; and the cliffs of Tsui Tsui Lake Waterfall Gap, five steps a waterfall, ten steps a pool, beautiful scenery.


Zhuyu Feng is the main peak of Yuntai Mountain, 1308 meters above sea level, the ancient name “over Busan”, because it is like a big pot buckle in the peaks above the “head” is probably derived from this name. Boarded the top of the mountain, but see the mountains rolling, peak Yongyun move, people Dunsheng “will be extremely Ling, a list of small hills,” the heroic gas generous.


Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area 280 square kilometers, including Redstone Gap, Lake Waterfall Gap, Spring Waterfall Gap, Qinglong Gorge, Fenglin Gap, Owl Lake, Cornus peak, macaques Valley, stacked hole, hundreds of rock and other major attractions. It is recommended to arrange two to three days to visit, will be more relaxed, it is recommended to stagger holidays to go, otherwise the tourists will be too much. Scenic area has a complete set of public transport system, taking into account the travel and scenic residents travel. To Zhengyu peak, first to take a tour bus to Redstone Gap, and then by the Redstone Gap to the coral peak of the tour bus. When we climb the mountain, the mountain fog, visibility is very low, stepping on the foot of more than 1700 steep steps, once depressed to want to give up the mountain … ….


arrived at the top of the hill, the front is still a chaos, just rest a few minutes later, the distant mountain gradually revealed.


line of clouds, such as water, changing rapidly, and soon the clouds gradually scattered, the valley revealed the true capacity to come. In front of the peaks, patchwork, misty uncertain sea of ​​clouds wrapped around the peaks, great body set the sky, “feather and Deng Xian” feeling.


corns of the beauty of the sea of ​​clouds, no language can describe, non-immersive can not understand. Can not see, thanks to luck, we first met on the mountain, it is a good character.


cloud steamed Xia Wei, Suddenly Suddenly the clouds of the “alone pull the blue sky, lonely white clouds,” the corundum peak contrast even more high Jun, more rich rhyme rhyme.


across the hillside meandering mountain road is clearly visible, the car which, sometimes piercing the sea of ​​clouds, sometimes a head into the fog, it is so swaying cloud, love fairyland.


In the valley of the houses vaguely visible, such as veil, smoke smoke mist around the other, in the hillside to wear a jade belt, long distance. This scene, amazing!


Finally to a aerial map, from the air overlooking the peak of the coronet of the “mysterious palace”. Suddenly Suddenly the clouds of the “alone pull the blue sky, lonely white clouds,” the corundum peak contrast more high Jun, more rich rhyme rhyme.


Down the mountain, walk to the Phoenix Ridge glass plank road. Plank road by the cliff and built, floating at an altitude of 1080 meters halfway up the mountain, but fortunately the mountain is still filled with fog, or fear of high I was afraid to go up.


down the mountain after a bucket of water to eat on the way, but also encountered a beautiful sea of ​​clouds, narrow valleys are white sea of ​​clouds filled, only the mountains Wu Li standing on the clouds, like the island in the sea, in the clouds when the hidden Now, as well as a mirage like charming.


Yuntai Mountain Scenic area has a magical canyon, two cliffs between the valley full of red rock, rain color even more beautiful. This is a rare Danxia landform, is also the essence of Yuntaishan attractions: Redstone Gap.


Canyon inside the lake green, waterfall roar, step by step, the beauty of the linger.


If there is no water flow in the clumsy, the water is more lined stone. Hongshi Gorge unique charm of the landscape, become the most popular Yuntai Mountain attractions, because the trail is on the cliff from the split, relatively narrow, too many tourists at peak times, often need to line up, so it is recommended after the afternoon to.


Canyon there are many different sizes, or long or short natural waterfalls, great big domineering, small and small and handsome, high with high comfort, low and low elegance, all graceful, cited tourists cheering, Have taken pictures.


trickle from the stone in the splash out, passionate staggered, cooler Qinren. Red Shixia the whole area is like the mountains and rivers of concentrated, as if the gods carved from a huge bonsai, has always enjoyed the “Bonsai Canyon” reputation.


100 rock, it is said that the Wei and Jin Dynasties, “Bamboo Seven Sages” have been living in this twenty years. Scenic area has a pagoda, was built in the Tang Dynasty, rebuilt in the Song Dynasty, has been 1400 years of history.


Lake Waterfall Gap, Yuntai Mountain is the main river sub-river a source. The cliffs of the cliffs, the peak of the upright, contests, in the winding winding tones, the whirlpool of a beautiful stream, ups and downs in the valley, forming a “three steps a spring, five steps a waterfall, ten steps A pool “of the beautiful scenery.


Lake Waterfall Creek stream clear and pure, green and thorough, moist jade, known as “the north small Jiuzhai” reputation.


beautiful natural scenery, attracting Tai Chi master live boxing, mountain water, natural and cultural combination, this picture is moving.


quiet waterfall Bitan, mountain streams of wild people make people feel good.


different sizes, different shapes of the waterfall formed a unique lake waterfall landscape, playing a beautiful landscape movement.


It is said that Taijiquan originated in Jiaozuo, Jiaozuo is the essence of culture. Tai Chi master in the mountain between the Shenzui elbow, with chest pull back, a move in a row of clouds, from time to time caused the crowd bursts of applause.

Huizhou September good time Qingwa white wall osmanthus fragrance

In this trip to Huizhou, we enjoy the Lu Village wood carvings, tower Chuanqiu, wood pit bamboo, calendar homes earth, soap pool rafting, recommended for everyone today is Hom Hom, submarine, West Creek South.

Is located in the world of natural and cultural heritage – Anhui Huangshan Scenic Area in the south, was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty period, was famous scholar Zhu Xi praised as: “was in the double Xian, Jiangnan first village” The Now has a state-level key cultural relics protection 21, known as “national treasure village.” Humanities gossip and natural gossip fusion of the clever layout, so that Hom is the history of China’s ancient village building a miracle.

in the village building, according to the formation of the main four gossip map of the main four hexagrams: the interpretation of the fire and fire phase of all things, the world of all things theory. At the same time as the village of the ancient village of Longxi River like jade, was “S” shaped to the north to the south through the village, the formation of gossip yin and yang fish line; village surrounded by eight mountains, naturally formed eight strokes of the eight directions, Together constitute a natural gossip layout.

tourist routes: scenic entrance – outlet – under the house – Yan Yi Tang – Luo Chunfu house – Zhongying floor – Central Xiuqiao – 潨 Chuan Primary School – Changchun Society – Luo Dong Shu Temple – scenic exit

walked through the Hom, then came to the submarine. Qiankou, the ancient name of Ruan River, submarine. Anhui Huangshan City Huizhou District jurisdiction town. Is the national AAAAA-class tourist attractions, known as submarine residential, a national historical and cultural heritage project Tang model area. Submarine, male from Huang Yue, between the horse, for the south of Mount Huangshan Wanshan exports.

played a submarine, they came to the last stop of the line, West Creek South.

Xixi town is located in the west of Huizhou District, the ancient name of Fengxi, Fengnan, formed in the Tang Dynasty, after the Song and Yuan Dynasties, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, when the businessmen all over the footprints of Yangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and along the Huai area,兼营 tea, wood, pawn and other industries, an important part of the history of Huizhou merchants. Xixi ancient village is well preserved, the village has a national key cultural relics protection units – old house, green around the pavilion, and a large number of ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, “Fengxi eight”, “Creek 10 Park” Clearly visible, the world famous “Jin Ping Mei” story description of the relevant buildings can still be found. Millennium ginkgo tree, five hundred years of sweet-scented osmanthus trees, two hundred years of Podocarpus growth strong, unique ornamental value. (Graphic / @ Yin Xiaobing V5)

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